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When the need arises, look to Fortress for both the technical and economical advantages required in your daily business.

Nearly 80% of our production capacity is dedicated to private label business.  Because of our manufacturing flexibility, unsurpassed quality and service, and our commitment to confidentiality & anonymity,  we have become a trusted and respected supplier to a number of manufacturers and distributors in the building materials industry.  Many consider us a partner, rather than competitor.

Our creative technical staff, with over 50 combined years of expertise in the roofing, waterproofing and industrial markets, is constantly developing unique and innovative solutions to resolve our customers’ needs.  Allowing us to provide our customers with the competitive edge necessary to maintain their leading market positions.

Our capabilities include:

  •  A Top-notch R&D Team

  • On-site Laboratory facilities

  • Quick New Product Development Response Times

  • Custom and Proprietary Formulating/Compounding

  • Bitumen Polymer Modification/Blending (asphalt & coal tar)

  • Emulsion Manufacturing (chemical, colloidal, polymer modified, asphalts and coal tars)

  • Packaging Flexibility (10 oz. cartridges up to bulk tankers)

  • Individualized & Personal Packaging and Shipping Profiles


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